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Custom builds are at the heart of JS Customs. Do you have a vision for the bike of your dreams but can't seem to find a stock bike that satisfies? Why not let JS Customs build you EXACTLY what you have always wanted...and more! From engine rebuilds to pour on that extra horsepower; custom suspensions; custom pipes; trike conversions; raked out forks...if you can dream it, JS Customs can put you on it. Paint and powder coat jobs? JS Customs can hook you up with a locally owned and operated custom paint shop and powder coater!
Custom builds are a true parternship between the builder and client. There is simply no better way to match the personality of a rider with the machine than to build the machine around the rider. With the desires of the rider and the artistic and mechanical vision of JS Customs, only a truly one of a kind, personalized, tough as nails piece of movable art can result.

We would love to talk to you today about how we can help make your bike stand out and immediately recognizable as YOUR bike!

221 Seminary Street
Jersey Shore, PA 17740
(570) 337-1751